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Bound to the Prince (Elven Warrior Trilogy, Book One)

An elven prince without a throne.
A mortal woman without hope, stolen from her own world to fulfill his every desire.
A choice of love and death that could bind them together forever.

Some people believe that beneath our own world, separated only by a thin veil of human disbelief, there is another one - an ancient land of myths and legends, a place where magical creatures dwell. What would happen if one of them walked the streets of London at night?
      Once a proud warrior, elven prince Elathan was living in exile, fallen from grace and separated from his own people. He wanted the mortal woman the moment he saw her standing on Blackfriars Bridge, staring down into the darkness with unbearable pain in her eyes. This strangely compelling female also happened to have luscious curves that made his body ache with desire.
      Naturally, he decided to hunt the woman down, drag her to his lair and command her to become his slave of pleasure. But would her frail human body survive a night of untamed passion in the arms of a Fae?
      After a devastating breakup with her fiancé, Igraine Chandler was spending her honeymoon in England all by herself, her life utterly bereft of meaning. For who could ever love a plain, slightly overweight nurse from New Jersey with nothing left but a broken heart and her lost dreams of a home and a family?
      But she never imagined that she would soon set out into a world beyond her wildest dreams, and help a prince reclaim his throne ...


"Bound to the Prince" is available for Kindle at Amazon; also in many other e-book formats at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iTunes or Diesel eBooks. The paperback is available here.







House of Pleasure


Have you ever dreamed of a place where you are allowed to indulge your most secret fantasies, without anyone to judge you, and without consequences or guilt? A beautiful, lush place where gorgeous men obey your every wish and whim, every erotic fantasy is possible, and even your unreachable dream guy - a movie star - shows up, falling for you head over heels?

A magic house would do that for you, a luxurious Victorian mansion that fulfills its female owner's every wish. Everything is allowed - except falling in love.



When Jane Eden inherits an old Victorian mansion on the outskirts of Boston, she has no idea what secrets it harbors. She soon discovers that it's a magic house, fulfilling all the sexual fantasies of its female residents. Losing herself in sensual dreams that take her to exotic places and delightful historical eras, she never considers what will happen if she ever loses her heart.

Luke Thomas is Hollywood's most celebrated action-hero, used to swooning fans falling all over him. One day he meets a beautiful woman in a park who doesn't seem to be interested in him at all. It's a challenge he just can't resist. His desire to see her again transports him to Jane's house, and he gets lost in the arms of a lover who drives him into a frenzy of boundless pleasure. But will he gain her love when the prize is higher than she's willing to pay?



 "House of Pleasure is available for Kindle at Amazon. (other versions here)





Virgin Dancer

Jade, a small town girl who moves to New York to become a professional ballet dancer, is wildly determined to lose her virginity. On the eve of her twenty-second birthday she goes to a Lower East Side club, intending to choose the most handsome, charismatic man she meets to introduce her to the art of love. Instantly she falls for the tall blond Swedish sex god who owns the club as she pretends to be an exotic dancer looking for a job. But Alrik Larsson has secrets of his own, including his involvement with a ring of human traffickers. When the life of her younger autistic brother is placed in jeopardy, Jade has to choose between the two people she loves.  The dancer finds herself balancing on a knife edge as she becomes entangled in a web of danger, mystery and relentless passion in the arms of her Viking lover ... 


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