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The Art of Bound to the Prince


As some of you might know, I originally started to write Bound to the Prince inspired by Prince Nuada, the tragic villain from the movie "Hellboy 2". Back then, I started to post chapters on blog and fanfic sites and received great feedback from my readers. But I realized very soon that my character was so very different from Nuada - more heroic, sexy and romantic-, and I felt too limited by a fictionous movie world. This was when I started to write my own story, with my own world and characters. Even the way Elathan looked changed in my mind, but Luke Goss's portrayal of this kick-ass elf still comes very close to my imagination.


Luckily, my writing inspired others to create art, as well. These pictures are illustrations of my early fanfiction; but those of you who've read the book will doubtlessly recognize some of my places and creatures I later used in "Bound to the Prince". They were created by my friend, co-blogger and wonderful artist, Hanna aka Yvaine from Scotland. Thank you so much for all your support, lil' sis! You were such an invaluable inspiration to me. Luvya!!!



Yvaine's Art

Elathan and Aon the Drag-O'-Corn
The Clearing in the Forest
The Water Nymphs
The Enchanted Forest
Midnight Blue

(Copyrights of all images belong to Yvaine. No copying or posting on other websites allowed without written permission by the artist. All copyrights of the character "Nuada" and the movie "Hellboy 2" are held by Universal Studios, Guillermo del Toro and Mike Magnola. "Dracula's Brides" - all copyrights held by Sony Pictures. Artist's images of Nuada and Dracula's Brides are not related to "Bound to the Prince" and are strictly used as fan art in a fictional way and without any financial interests.)

Original Map of the Enchanted Forest

Quck drawing while writing "The Hunt" chapter ;-) - as you see, I changed some ideas later.